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Learning Construct

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Our Core Business

Learning Consultancy

Our team of consultants and learning architects works with organisations to define training needs and objectives, and create learning systems and courses which reflect real needs and deliver real change. Our solutions are achievable, measurable and powerful.

Bespoke online learning

At the cutting edge of learning design, we work with clients to create state-of-the-art online learning systems and courses tailored to their needs. Our processes are lean, collaborative and flexible, geared to creating high quality training with minimum client input.

Off-the-shelf training

We provide ready-to-go (but still customisable) online learning across many key areas, including lean construction, banking, data protection and the GDPR, and competition law. These are available on the Learning Construct Portal, from the link below.

Cloud Portal

Learning Construct’s Cloud Portal is a multi-purpose online space for learning in the cloud.

Independent learners can choose, create and follow their own custom learning pathways.

Organisations can have their own branded learning areas in it.

Course providers can deliver their courses through it.

To see what courses and services are on offer, select the Cloud Portal link below.

Specialist 3rd party services

Custom Moodle LMS design

We design and build Moodle-based learning management systems (LMS) for 3rd parties. If you’d like to see what they look like, select the link to our own Moodle-based Cloud Portal.

Customisable off-the-shelf online training

We have off-the-shelf online courses on data protection, competition law, lean construction and banking regulation; all ready-for-use or customisable for any client.

Rapid authoring

Whether it’s your legacy contents spanning years, or new contents to be built, if they need to be turned into online courses, we produce state-of-the-art learning at the drop of a hat.

MOOC Development

Learning Construct is a specialist in designing and producing mass audience MOOCs which can still be tailored to individual learners’ needs.

Online university courses

We work with universities to design and develop online courses, both at Masters and undergraduate level. We provide the online learning design expertise, they provide the learning.

3rd party branded areas on our Cloud Portal

We have dedicated space on our Cloud Portal for clients who either don’t want their own LMS or who have sub-contractors and suppliers requiring a dedicated learning space.

Learning and Development Consulting

Our learning architects and consultants can help define and map organisational learning needs and goals, and put  together the appropriate means to achieve them.

Subject matter expertise

Our team of learning designers includes experts across a wide range of fields, to minimise the time and resources our clients need to devote to collaborative projects.

Just some of our learning resources…

Here are some example learning resources we’ve created recently.
They include resources for clients and from our own catalogue of ‘Starter Guide‘ online courses available in our Cloud Portal.

Starter Guide to Lean Construction Video

The Starter Guide to Lean Construction introduces the key concepts of lean construction and this short video is a summary of them.

If you’d like to see more of the Starter Guide to Lean Construction, select the link below to go to our Portal. The Guide is one of our free resources for the Construction Industry.

Starter Guide to Data Protection and the GDPR

The Starter Guide to Data Protection is designed to give everyone a base knowledge of Data Protection and their rights and obligations under current legislation operating in the UK. This video is a key element of the Starter Guide.

Starter Guide to Competition Law Video

The Starter Guide to Competition Law introduces the key elements of competition law current in the UK. This video is part of the Guide, and a great summary of key points.

If you’d like to see more of the Starter Guide to Competition Law, select the link below to go to our Portal.